Necklaces: Updated

Roman Inspired Laurel Necklace

Based on a 1st century C.E. Roman necklace.

Cornelian & Rock Crystal Necklace

Based on a 1st century B.C.E. – 1st century C.E.
Roman or Parthian Necklace
(original was found via Christie’s Auction House)

Roman Earrings

1st – 3rd century C.E. Roman Pearl Earrings

Roman Makeup Tutorial

Different Time, Different Place

Here is a list of garb, from reliable and/or trusted sources, for those curious about other time periods and locations.

Special thanks to Duchess Petranella of Northshield.

It’s that time again…

Warriors and Warlords (affectionately known as WW, dub-dub, and one year knowns as glub-glub) quickly approaches (July 11-14th). Northshield’s biggest event. I have, for a reason I have yet to figure out (probably because I feel strongly that everyone should retain at least once), have decided to teach my retaining class. The class is on what to expect and some ideas on what might be expected of a royal retainer. Thus, for those interested, my class handout can be found here. And if you are at WW, please feel free to stop in. The class (called Retaining 101), location, and time are listed in the site booklet.

Greco-Roman Style

In exploring Ancient Roman jewelry, I’ve come to develop a love of the fashion of Ancient Greece. So, after delving into 8th century Swedish culture and fashion I said, “What the hell, let’s take on a completely new archaic subject.” And here we are.

Other Jewelry Reproductions

Greek Fashion Gallery

Original sources… I know, right! Makes a nerd tingly.

When in Greece (or Rome)…

(i.e. How to make a quick and easy chiton or tunica)

New or newish to the SCA?

And for anyone else interested, more information can be found HERE and in the “New/Newish to The SCA” topic or in the tags of the same title and “SCA.” Items may be reproduced by request and with due credit.

Garb on a Budget

How to play in the SCA on a budget.


Coral & Pearl Necklace Replica. Suitable to late middle ages reenactment. You can find more information about her HERE.

Norse Garb

Here is a collection of simple ways to get started with Norse garb.

Mount, valkyrie, Copy Silver The original is from Klinta, Köping, Öland, Sweden. SHM 29750:5

Even More…

This site contains a series of topics and handouts from classes I’ve taught. I’ve used “tags” for broader areas and “topics” for more specific areas. This site is dynamic, so I plan to continue to update and change things. Hope you find it useful. And also note, I don’t claim to be expert but with a research background I do hope to provide the best sources I can. Enjoy!