Greco-Roman Style

In exploring Ancient Roman jewelry, I’ve come to develop a love of the fashion of Ancient Greece. So, after delving into 8th century Swedish culture and fashion I said, “What the hell, let’s take on a completely new archaic subject.” And here we are.

Jewelry Reproductions

Greek Fashion Gallery

Original sources… I know, right! Makes a nerd tingly.

When in Ancient Greece

…or Rome (i.e. How to make a quick and easy chiton)

I’ve made a few outfits and I plan to post pictures soon.

New or newish to the SCA?

And for anyone else interested, more information can be found HERE and in the “New/Newish to The SCA” topic or in the tags of the same title and “SCA.” Items may be reproduced by request and with due credit.

Garb on a Budget

How to play in the SCA on a budget.


Coral & Pearl Necklace Replica. Suitable to late middle ages reenactment. You can find more information about her HERE.

Norse Garb

Here is a collection of simple ways to get started with Norse garb.

Mount, valkyrie, Copy Silver The original is from Klinta, Köping, Öland, Sweden. SHM 29750:5

Even More…

This site contains a series of topics and handouts from classes I’ve taught. I’ve used “tags” for broader areas and “topics” for more specific areas. This site is dynamic, so I plan to continue to update and change things. Hope you find it useful. And also note, I don’t claim to be expert but with a research background I do hope to provide the best sources I can. Enjoy!