Below are links for the information from the Norse Runes workshop taught by The Honorable Lady Eyja Bassadóttir in the Shire of Avonwood. For those who could not attend, here is the information from the workshop. We hope to hold another one in 2019. Please check back for details or checkout Avonwood’s website.

Eyja’s Website

Eyja’s Class Handout

About the instructor:

The Honorable Lady Eyja Bassadóttir has been in the SCA for 15 years and has a 10th century Norwegian persona. She has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and minors in Medieval Studies and History. Eyja has been studying Old Norse, both the language and culture, since 2005 and has formally studied both Old Norse and Icelandic. She was recently admitted to the Order of Brigit’s Flame. You can often find Eyja teaching or in a bardic circle.