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Different Time, Different Place

The Well-Dress’d Peasant: 16th Century Flemish Workingwoman’s Dress

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Articles & Websites

Please keep in mind that archeological evidence is continually being cataloged, studied and interpreted. In which case, there is always the chance of conflicting results or changes in theories. It’s something to keep in mind for when ideas clash. There is also so little known that a lot of speculation has to happen. One of the neat things about being in the SCA or any historical reenactment group is that we get to go test drive a lot of these theories. That being said, here are some sources for you to begin with.

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Greek Fashion Gallery

Here is a collection of items from ancient Greece (and area).

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Fabric & Sewing Supplies

Online sources for fabrics.

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Easy Guide to Norse Garb

It can be overwhelming and expensive to get everything at once, here is a list in order of importance of items to work on obtaining. Remember, you can always make things out of cheaper materials first and work up to nicer stuff later.

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When In Greece… or Rome

The Greeks and Romans had fairly simple clothes, the Greeks more so. However, for all their simplicity there were a lot of complexities in names of dresses, types, layers, and accessories, especially at the social level.

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Revisiting the Roman Empire

To say my interest in jewelry from antiquity has lessened would be woefully incorrect. After recreating the pearl earrings I moved onto necklaces and Roman clothing. 

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The Smokkr

The smokkr (Norse apron dress) is probably the most Norse garment in the SCA and reenactment communities. It’s an iconic item of clothing that quickly and easily, even from afar, distinguishes a persona from the Viking Age. As Norse. This is particularly amazing because not many items of clothing are so identified with a culture outside of the Toga. It’s distinct. This is also interesting because it had a fairly short self life, we don’t actually know what it looked like, and there’s no evidence that all women identifying people wore them. What we do know comes from the brooches (called: tortoise brooches) that are found in graves. Experts are basically of working backwards from there. If it wasn’t for these brooches there may be little speculation as to if the smokkr was a thing. With this being said, it is important to note that new finds and new interpretations are happening all the time.

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Making Smokkr Straps

Pictures of Emer’s Smokkr are HERE.

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Emer’s Smokkr: Photos

Find out how to make Emer’s Smokkr HERE.

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