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Roman Age Mummy Portraits

These are excellent examples of Roman Age jewelry and how it was worn.

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Reproductions of Roman Jewelry

Here is a collection of Roman jewelry that I have tried to recreate. Unfortunately, most of the original pieces went through auction houses (as the shiny jewelry tends to) and they specified that their photos could not be displayed in any public form. Even though this is non-commercial and educational site, displaying the photos would violate copyright law. Some pictures, when clicked, will bring you to the original source.

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Different Time, Different Place

The Well-Dress’d Peasant: 16th Century Flemish Workingwoman’s Dress

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Norse Articles & Websites

Please keep in mind that archeological evidence is continually being cataloged, studied and interpreted. In which case, there is always the chance of conflicting results or changes in theories. It’s something to keep in mind for when ideas clash. There is also so little known that a lot of speculation has to happen. One of the neat things about being in the SCA or any historical reenactment group is that we get to go test drive a lot of these theories. That being said, here are some sources for you to begin with.

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Greek Statue Gallery

Fabric & Sewing Supplies

Online sources for fabrics.

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Easy Guide to Norse Garb

It can be overwhelming and expensive to get everything at once, here is a list in order of importance of items to work on obtaining. Remember, you can always make things out of cheaper materials first and work up to nicer stuff later.

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Courtesans: Further Study

Collected by the Knowne World Courtesans

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