This smokkr (Norse apron dress) was designed by The Honorable Lady Emer ingen ui Aidan’s and is based on her research of the Haithabu/Hedeby find. This interpretation has: one cut, three seams, gores built in, and a few inches of scrap left over. It is a remarkably easy design and very fabric efficient. When I make this smokkr I end up with only a few square inches of fabric waste.

The Simple Smokkr:

My interpretation of THL Emer ingen ui Aidan’s instructions

The Simple Smokkr — A Proposed Hedeby Reconstruction by THL Emer ingen ui Aidan (E. Holbert); Ealdormere Kingdom Arts & Sciences, A.S.50 (2015)

Additional Information:

Making Emer’s Smokkr (Pictures)

How I make my smokkr straps and loops

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