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This Weeks Featured Item:

Etruscan Gold and Enamel A Baule Earring (6th century BCE)

This is a typical example of Etruscan jewelry, albeit a bit more elaborate. It contains flower motifs along with two women on the top of the earring. Roman jewelry is kind of the awkward child of Etruscan and Greek jewelry.

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2. I will be expanding the classes that I teach to include Roman clothing and cosmetics. In particular, ways of getting the Roman look (makeup, clothing, and jewelry) easily and without breaking the bank.

3. I plan to break up my Roman jewelry class into to two or three sections (Intro, Intermediate, and Amulets & Apotropaic Symbols).

Why yes, you can wear Roman garb in Minnesota in the winter.

Wearing: linen underdress, wool gap-sleeved tunica, wool palla

Upcoming Classes

Knowne World Courtesans’ 2021 Gulf Wars Virtual Courtesan College

Starting March 17th at 9AM CST and Ending March 21st at 5PM CST

No pre-registration required.

Classes: Roman Jewelry, Roman Makeup (modern and historical methods), and hopefully a few other things. An announcement (subscribe for updates) will be sent out when the schedule is finalized.

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Featured Topics

Recreating Roman Jewelry

A collection of jewelry recreated from the Early Roman Empire.

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