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Roman Classes: U of Atlantia

Thank you to everyone who attended Quick, Cheap, & Easy Roman, Part 1: Introduction to Roman Jewelry, and Part 2: Roman Jewelry (Intermediate) at the University of Atlantia on June 12th. Since there was so much crossover, I’ve made one page for all the information for your convenience..

I will be adding to it over the next week or so.

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Accidental Scadian YouTube channel

Check out the new Accidental Scadian YouTube channel for information and videos pertaining to my historical interests. The link is in the social media section. Class supplements will also be added at times.

New Things to Come: Updating Information

A few articles have been unpublished until I can find the time to update them. Please feel free to contact me using the Contact Form if you’d like access to something that was once up.

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I’ll make a post as soon as I have something on the calendar.

Feel free to contact me if you have a group of people who would be interested in a class from me. I’d be happy to do an online class by request (No Charge).

Featured Bling:

Etruscan Jewelry Set from the early 5th century BCE

(Picture is Public Domain)

“The tomb group represents one of the richest and most impressive sets of Etruscan jewelry ever found. It comprises a splendid gold and glass pendant necklace, a pair of gold and rock-crystal disk earrings, a gold dress fastener (fibula) decorated with a sphinx, a pair of plain gold fibulae, a gold dress pin, and five finger rings. Two of the rings have engraved scarabs that revolve on a swivel bezel; one is decorated with embossed satyr heads, and the other two have decorated gold bezels.”

– The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Recreating Roman Jewelry

A collection of jewelry recreated from the Early Roman Empire.

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