My name is Maxima and my pronouns are she/her. In the Known World I reside in the Kingdom of Northshield. In the modern world I live on the indigenous land known as Mnisóta Makhóčhe, the lands of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ.

I share what knowledge and resources I have as a way of paying forward what I have learned from others. Topics herein include: ancient jewelry, garb (i.e. historical outfits), Ancient Rome, history, reenactment, fashion, courtesans…

Dressing the Roman Persona

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Upcoming Classes

SUN (Stellar University of Northshield)
November 13, 2021
Shire of Rockhaven – Crosby, MN

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All about that Bling: Roman Jewelry
(Updated & I will likely not be teaching this again for awhile)

Simple Roman Garb (i.e. Garments)
Late Republic to Early Empire

Recent Posts & Research Projects

  • Dressing the Roman Persona
    More will be added soon.
  • Roman Jewelry Part V: Earrings
    Many of the earrings found in Ancient Rome are based on Hellenistic styles. The hoop and drop earrings being quite popular in the archeological record.
  • Isis, Anklets, & Body Chains
    The connection between Isis and Venus, along with depictions in art and on sculptures, brings a decent case for identifying the devotee of Isis and thus the Cult of Isis by the jewelry they wore. This also brings further speculation that the anklet was a religious object.
  • Gold Covered Rosettes?
    The case for gold caped rosettes on the gap-sleeved tunic.

Ongoing Series

Roman Jewelry

Part I: An Introduction
Part II: Favored Materials & Styles
Part III: Chains
Part IV: Necklaces
Part V: Earrings

Getting The Roman Look

Part I: Clothing & Shoes
Part II: Hair & Cosmetics
Part III: Accessories

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