Tales From the Knowne World is a site dedicated to the study of historical sex work, Ancient Rome, jewelry, reenactment, history, fashion, & a touch of random.

I’m Maxima. At least that’s my name in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). My persona, the person I portray, is that of a meretrix in the early part of the 1st century CE Rome. Within the SCA I am also a member of the Knowne World Courtesans. A group dedicated to educating others about, and studying, pre-17 century historical sex work. Here you’ll find my research, class handouts, and other interesting tidbits.

Recent Posts

  • SCA Jewelry
    One of the many special things about the SCA is that we get to be nostalgic. Which is not something you always get to do with re-enactment. And what I mean by nostalgic is that we can display those symbols associated with awards that have been bestowed upon us in a […]
  • Roman Cosmetics & Getting the Look
    Full disclosure, I am not an expert in regards to Ancient Roman cosmetics, or modern cosmetics for that matter. I thought it best to put that out on the table right away. However, it is something I am trying to master, which is usually when everything goes horribly wrong.
  • The Images of Pompeii
    The images of Pompeii have given us an unprecedented glimpse into the past. When Mount Vesuvius erupted and devastated the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, time froze. And while there is always the possibility, and likelihood, of artistic license, these images provide us with a well preserved glimpse into how they […]
  • Having A Sex Worker Persona
    Everyone has their own approach to developing a sex worker/courtesan persona. What ever your journey is, remember, you represent a strong confederation of people who have worked hard to gain ground and respectability in the SCA. What you do as a sex worker/courtesan persona, or wearing the symbols of the Knowne […]

Upcoming Events & Classes

All That Bling: Introduction To Roman Jewelry

On Monday, August 3rd I held an introduction to Roman jewelry class covering the 1st century BCE to the 2nd century CE class. It was part if the first Knowne World Courtesans Virtual Courtesan College. The handout and answers from above can be found below. I will be updating the class for SUN (Stellar University of Northshield). UPDATE: Questions from the class have been answered, to the best of my ability, here.

Stellar University of Northshield (SUN) 2020

This year’s Stellar University of Northshield (SUN) will be held online November 13th – 15th. I will be teaching at least one class, Intro to Roman Jewelry, and there appears to be enough Roman themed classes for a track.

SUN Class NameDayTime (CDT)
All That Bling: Intro to Roman JewelryTBDTBD

Recreating Roman Jewelry

A collection of jewelry recreated from the Early Roman Empire.

Current Research Projects

Body Chains In The Ancient World  

The Cult of Isis & The Meretrix 

Sex As Slander: The Vilification of Powerful Roman Women 

Dressing The Female Roman Persona

Gender in Ancient Rome