A little about me

Firstly, but not mainly, I’m a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). If you are wondering what the SCA is, well, it’s an inclusive nonprofit educational group that is dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th century cultures (how they should have been). If you’re wondering what the SCA is, click this link: What Is The SCA?

I’m also a part of the Knowne World Courtesans. A free confederation in the SCA that is dedicated to researching, educating, and portraying historical sex workers. It’s not like it’s a new concept.

My educational background is in psychology for which I have a B.A. in with a focus on social psychology and neuropsychology. I’m really just a vary curious person. I also believe strongly in sharing one’s knowledge. Nothing is achieved on its own and nothing is gained by withholding knowledge. Which leads me into why this site exists.

About this Site

This is my way of giving back to the community that has challenged me, inspired me, and introduced me to a path with far too many rabbit holes. Thus the content herein focuses predominantly on what I’ve learned, what I am currently learning, and what I am passionate about or simply interested in: such as the study of jewelry (especially Roman and ancient jewelry from various cultures), Ancient Rome, reenactment, re-creation, history, fashion, historical sex-workers/courtesans, historical sexuality, women’s rights, and of course a touch of the random for flavoring. And of course this site will always be evolving for as more/new information becomes available, I will update the content. I don’t know all about anything I know small bits about a lot of things and I love to share. I have taught classes only to find out something I thought was true was way off. Because there is always room to learn more. Please keep that in mind when perusing this site. It’s as correct as something could be with limited information and access to resources, given my interpretation… hopefully it’s somewhere in the ballpark.

About (SCA) Me

SCA Name: Furia Maxima
(Roman naming conventions would have me addressed by my last name)

Title: Domina (or The Honorable Lady)

Persona: It is currently the year 35 CE. I have been in Roma for less than two decades. I am a semi-retired meretrix (courtesan/upper class sex-worker), before that I was a contubernalis for a few years. It’s been long enough that I do not remember much of my home. But I do remember how different the weather was. I remember snow and cold and forests. It never gets cold here. Not like there. It is hot and humid… and sometimes the ground shakes a bit. It is a curious thing. Of course I do not ever recall having the luxuries I have now. In fact, I do not recall that last time I was without food or water or shelter. I have learned the different languages here and I sound no less than if I had been born here. The women lighten their skin and hair to even look like mine. I’ve even learned the languages in Egypt. Quite awhile back I was tutored in reading and writing. There is this place in Alexandria that has more biblos than one could imagine. I enjoy the place but have also made a place for myself in Roma. And my income is mostly based there and those must be tended to. There are a few jewelry shops that I own and I have some gladiators, they are freed and I give them a good portion from their earnings. Much better motivator than some use. It’s a weird time to be in Roma, the emperor is becoming odd. Thank Aset, that I know good, or at least trust-enough-worthy people of standing. Buying a name and history is one thing but you definitely don’t want to get on the bad side of some people. But I care not for politics, I’d rather go to the games, if not for the clothes how would it be different? I have found new ways to keep my wealth and with some cunning… well, it could be worse.