Please keep in mind that archeological evidence is continually being cataloged, studied and interpreted. In which case, there is always the chance of conflicting results or changes in theories. It’s something to keep in mind for when ideas clash. There is also so little known that a lot of speculation has to happen. One of the neat things about being in the SCA or any historical reenactment group is that we get to go test drive a lot of these theories. That being said, here are some sources for you to begin with.

from Klinta, Köping, Öland, Sweden
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The Simple Smokkr

Excellent video on dressing like a Norse woman

Recreating Viking Clothing By Hilde Thunem (

Viking Resources for the Re-enactor by Þóra Sharptooth

The Viking Answer Lady

Hurstwic: Clothing in the Viking Age

Terminology: The So-Called ‘Viking’ Apron Dress by The Dreamstress

Viking Apron Dress Pattern Generator

A Reconstructed Viking Woman’s Outfit

Viking Men: trousers and breeches By Hilde Thunem (

Viking Textiles – A deeper look at plaids, stripes and checks

Stitches & Seam Treatments

Caps and Mittens


Jorvik Viking Center

The Swedish History Museum

Papers, Articles, & Books

Viking-Age and Early Medieval Scandinavia: Introduction
You can find all the chapters along with many other articles relating to the Norse people and culture for free on

The Viking Age Color Palette and Old Norse Color Words
By Eyja


Eyja’s Website

Eyja’s Class Handout