University of Atlantia ・ June 12th, 2021

Easy Roman Class

Rosette Video Tutorial:

Link to the video on how I do on the gap-sleeve tunica:

Recommended in Class:

Croom, A. (2002). Roman Clothing and Fashion (1st ed.). Amberley Publishing.

D’Ambrosio, A. (2001). Women and beauty in Pompeii. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum. 

Olson, K. (2008). Dress and the Roman Woman: Self-Presentation and Society. Routledge.

Free Resources:

Cleland, L., Davies, G., & Llewellyn-Jones, L. (2012). Greek and Roman Dress from A to Z (The Ancient World from A to Z) (1st ed.). Routledge. (Download Free)

Fabrics Sources

Fabric and sewing sources can be found here.

Jewelry Supplies & Reproductions

Here is a list of some of the places I get supplies, as requested. This includes melon beads pearls reproductions.

Jaipur Gemstone:

Earthstone Co:


Pera Peris:

Mariah Supplies:

Irene Davis:

The Ancient Home:

Quality Bead Mart:

Free Jewelry Resources:

Marshall, F. H. (1911). Catalogue of the jewellery, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman, in the departments of antiquities. British Museum. London: Printed by order of the Trustees. (Download Free)

Oliver, Jr., A. (1966). Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Jewelry. In The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin (May ed., pp. 269-284). The Metropolitan Museum of Art in collaboration with JSTOR. (Download Free)

Additional Book Titles Requested:

Stark, J. R., & Smith, J. R. (2019). Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains (2nd ed.). Brynmorgen Press.

Clarke, J., & Larvey, M. (2003). Roman Sex: 100 B.C. to A.D. 250 (1st ed.). Harry N. Adams, Incorporated, New York.

Strong, A. (2018). Prostitutes and Matrons in the Roman World (Reprint ed.). Cambridge University Press.

More Sources & Supplies