Category: Ancient Roman Jewelry

Light blue chalcedony ring with a band that resembles beads and a center piece of a carved figure. It is made from one piece of stone.

All That Bling: Overview of Roman Jewelry

University of Atlantia・February 13, 2021 (Kingdom of Atlantia)

Roman Jewelry: Extant Finds

Chain & Gem Necklaces

Queen of Doom’s A&S Contest

Kingdom of Northshield A.S. LV

Reproducing Roman Jewelry

Here is a collection of Roman jewelry that I have tried to recreate. Unfortunately, most of the original pieces went through auction houses (as the shiny jewelry tends to) and they specified that their photos could not be displayed in any public form. Even though this is non-commercial and educational site, displaying the photos would violate copyright law. Some pictures, when clicked, will bring you to the original source.

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