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Light blue chalcedony ring with a band that resembles beads and a center piece of a carved figure. It is made from one piece of stone.

All That Bling: Overview of Roman Jewelry

I’m currently updating my handout. Please contact me if you’d like what I currently have.

Making a Gap-sleeved Tunica

The gap-sleeved tunica (tunica muliebris or woman’s tunic), a descendent of the greek ionic chiton, remains an iconic garment of the Roman Era and a fairly simple garment to construct.

Gap-sleeved Rosettes: How-to

How I make rosettes for a Roman gap-sleeved tunica.

Making Emer’s Smokkr

This smokkr (Norse apron dress) was designed by The Honorable Lady Emer ingen ui Aidan’s and is based on her research of the Haithabu/Hedeby find. This interpretation has: one cut, three seams, gores built in, and a few inches of scrap left over. It is a remarkably easy design and very fabric efficient. When I make this smokkr I end up with only a few square inches of fabric waste.

Introduction to Retaining (Handout)

The Best Seat in the House: An Introduction to Retaining

Class Description:
Looking for a way to serve your Kingdom? Ever wondered what a retainer does? This class will provide an overview of the role of Royal Retainer.

A Simple Smokkr (Handout)

Making A Simple Smokkr  (Norse Apron Dress) – A Hedeby Reinterpretation

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