Category: Ancient Roman Clothing

Roman Masculine Clothing

1st Century BCE – 1st Century CE

Roman Feminine Clothing

1st Century BCE – 1st Century CE

Dressing the Roman Persona

Roman Classes: U of Atlantia

University of Atlantia ・ June 12th, 2021

Gap-sleeved Tunica Rosettes: Tutorial

How I make rosettes for a Roman gap-sleeved tunica.

Queen of Doom’s A&S Contest

Kingdom of Northshield A.S. LV

Roman Supplies, etc.

A list I’m continually adding to for the Roman persona.

Ancient Rome: Resources

*Be aware that the exact meaning of some Latin words can be problematic at times. Transliteration can be difficult especially when the names of colors and garments were sometimes used to describe a position, job, social status/class, etc. Please derive and revise your conclusions with as much evidence as possible.

Roman Age Mummy Portraits

Also known as the Fayum Mummy Portraits.

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