Jewelry Commissions

Hypoallergenic ・ Historic ・ Handmade

I’m currently taking a limited number of commissions for reproductions of Ancient Roman and Roman Inspired Jewelry.

Please see the details below for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some pieces that I’ve made:
However, I am always looking to make new types.

The Process
・ I will meet with you, or correspond by some means, so that we can discuss what is right for both you and your budget. If you are not sure, I will definitely have ideas.
・ You will receive an estimate, of which half (non-refundable) is due before the work begins and the rest will be due upon completion, this will also include any shipping charges.
・ Commissions are done on a first come basis and are limited as each piece is meticulously made and researched by me. 
・ I will also include the source or the inspiration for each piece.

I use high quality hypoallergenic components such as gold-filled wire and thus the cost may be higher than you may see from other sellers.

Production Time
Please note that not all jewelry can be easily reproduced and may have a wait time of 2 – 6 weeks, on average it will be about 2 weeks. This is unfortunately out of my hands given the difficulty of acquiring some materials.

You can contact me HERE and we can begin the process.


Want a Roman persona and don’t know where to start, not interested in the research side of things, or just too dang busy.

I offer a package with patterns, types of fabric that you can purchase, and ideas for accessories (or you can commission some) for a small fee to cover my time and to further my ability to research.

Send me a message to start the process. Alternatively, there is quite a bit of information on this site to get you started that is free to access.