A small part of the story of lavender

Lavender was the scent associated with sex-workers during the Middle Ages, not only to advertise their profession and attract clients but also the scent of laundresses who performed sex-work on the side. 

“A Curious History of Sex”
“The Legend of the Good Woman”
“Ship of Fools”
Various Herb lore books

蘇小小 (Su Xiaoxiao)

Artist Unknown

蘇小小 (Su Xiaoxiao) was a Chinese yiji (courtesan) and a well known poet who lived from 479 – 501 CE. She was known for her intellect, her poetry, and her beauty. Her popularity did not stop with her death. 蘇小小 poetry still influences poets and artists to this day. 1,500 years is quite the legacy. She’s also not the only famous courtesan to be a poet…