A list of items with the Knowne World Courtesan hart (badge/symbol) on them, and some things just for fun.

Hart Jewelry

Stag Head Pin

Deer Head Pin

Stag Head Pendant

Gold Antler Hair Pin

Flower of Life Deer Necklace

Gold Stag Head Earrings

Stag Tiara

Hart Jewelry From Specific Cultures

Scythian Stag Pendant

Raymond’s Quiet Press: Roman Stag

Jewelry – Other

Small Deer Jewelry Box

Ring Holder

Erotic Jewelry Box


Pink Powder Puff with Gold Deer


Dharma Trading Company

Red Silk Scarf

Gold Deer Red Scarf

Pink with Gold Deer Head Scarf

Food & Baking

Hart Cookie Cutters

Deer Head Silicone Molds

Display Items

Gold Deer Stoneware Tray

Stag Cupcake Toppers

Deer Napkin Ring

Decorations & Supplies

Stag Head Stamp

Deer Coasters

Deer Wax Seal Stamp

Erotic Greek Coasters

Gold Deer Head Stickers


Gold Deer Red Fabric


Gold Deer Bookvelope

These sellers are in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the KWC or myself.