Doing courtesan shit with my courtesan friends, and other things, a diary.

January 2020: Twelfth Night in Northshield. The courtesans of Northshield had a wonderful salon, unfortunately, my only contribution was looking good and providing genital and boob chocolates and hart cookies (that’s a lie, my food patron did most of the work). We’ve been invited to Coronation.

March 2020: My schedule for Gulf Wars is set. A little fighting but definitely doing courtesan stuff.

March 2020: Gulf is cancelled, as is likely most of the events this year. The world is on lockdown. Until next year, my friends.

August 2020: At the Knowne World Courtesan Virtual College I was honored to be able to teach a class on Roman Jewelry (called All That Bling). It was a brief overview of Roman Jewelry with a discussion of amulets, like the fascinum and the vulva pendants. The class presentation is posted here but due to the sensitive nature you must contact me for the password.

August 2020: I recently appeared on the The Knowne World Courtesan podcast called Whores to Culture, where, with the host, we managed to completely derail off into interesting topics. There was no chance at focusing, not with another Roman geek, but there was plenty of laughter intermingled between serious subjects. In the end, we could focus on one, well, two things, that seeing Henry Cavill in Minoan and Charlize Theron in an Egyptian beaded net dress, would be absolutely mind blowing. As a side note, that Egyptian dress had thousands of fence beads on it. It would have been absolutely resplendent in the Egyptian sun.

August 2020: It was just announced that the Stellar University of Northshield (SUN) will be online and not cancelled! This is my SCA anniversary event and thus very special to me. I’m gathering a list of classes that I’d like to teach, the Intro to Roman Jewelry being an obvious one. More info on what’s on the menu to come.

August 2020: I miss geeking out with people, I miss doing things for fun, and I miss my friends. Also, doing service in the SCA is very rewarding but equally heartbreaking.

Dreaming of campfires, mead, and friends.

August 2020: NEW BOOKS! I might have gone a little overboard. But, dammit, I will find out about Roman anklets. I need a book patron.