It’s probably not what you think… Well, if you think it’s about an independent group of living history re-enactors portraying, studying, and educating others about pre-17th century sex-workers, then you’d be right. The Knowne World Courtesans (KWC) is one of the many diverse groups in the Society of Creative Anachronisms. An inclusive group, consisting of all genders, who portray a sex-worker persona, and of course their supporters. The KWC also stands against whorephobia, slut-shamming, bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and all other forms of prejudice. Members of the KWC do not have sex for money or trade under any circumstances.

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The Badge of the KWC: A Hart of Gold

Disclaimer: My affiliation with the KWC does not imply their endorsement. I speak for no one but myself and attribute to others that which is not mine.

Interested in developing a sex-worker persona?

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The Sex Worker/Courtesan Persona

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Supporting Modern Day Sex Workers

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Red Umbrella Fund