Pictures of Emer’s Smokkr are HERE.

My (printable) class handout for making Emer’s Smokkr is HERE.

If you’ll be wearing brooches with your smokkr:

While wearing your smokkr, measure from top of the back, over your should, to about 2″ above the top front of the smokkr (this is usually the same length and width as bra straps). The two inches will be taken up by the tortoise brooch).

Double that number so that you create a shoulder strap that is a long loop (add an inch or two for wiggle room).


Cut a piece of fabric from your leftover material that is 1.75″ – 2″ wide by the above measurement.

Take the fabric and fold both sides into the center, then fold in half, and then whip stitch the open edge.

I use two marks on my fingernail for even spacing.

You have achieved straps!

Now make a shorter version about 2-3″ long for the front loops using the same method to make and attach.

Notes: You can also tuck the ends under the first fold of your hem. And, if at all possible, have a friend help you attach the straps so that they are even. Use your brooches when doing this. Remember, you can always trim if it is too long its very difficult to do the opposite.

Don’t have brooches?

No problem. You can still use the above method to make the straps (you might want to make them a bit wider) but instead of a big loop you’ll just have one strap. And then just attach them to the front and back. If you get brooches later you can always switch out the straps (so keep some extra fabric if that’s  your plan) or just pin them through the straps you already have.

Attaching Loops and Straps

Ok. don’t fold and sew your top edge yet. On the outside of your smokkr fold the hem inwards once, then attach the straps so they are hanging down the front side. Sew them on and then turn the hem inwards and sew the hem. This way there is just one row of stitches across the front and the straps and loops are securely fastened.