It can be overwhelming and expensive to get everything at once, here is a list in order of importance of items to work on obtaining. Remember, you can always make things out of cheaper materials first and work up to nicer stuff later.

Pants & Tunic Style

  1. Knee length undershirt (serk) made of undyed/unbleached linen
  2. T-tunic made of linen or wool
  3. Pants made of wool or linen (seam on the inside only)
  4. Leather shoes
  5. Simple amulet or a string with 2-3 beads
  6. Winnigas (optional)
  7. Saex


  1. Ankle length underdress (serk) made of undyed/unbleached linen
  2. Wool or linen dress
  3. leather shoes
  4. Smokkr
  5. Tortoise brooches
  6. festoon/necklace of beads
  7. Saex
  8. Toiletries
  9. Needle case

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