Below is a gallery of some of the pieces that I have reproduced. However, I am always looking to make something new.

Tip: Roman necklaces were usually chokers and several were often worn at a time. So, don’t be afraid to accessorize!

Gold and Rock Crystal Melon Bead Necklace

Pearl and Gold Drop Earrings

Pearl Necklace

Double Pearl Drop Earrings

Beryl, Amethyst, and Gold Necklace

Pearl Circular/Hoop Earrings

Rock Crystal and Cornelian (a.k.a carnelian) Necklace

Amethyst, Gold, and Chalcedony Earrings

Based on a 1st century CE Earrings
(originally composed of jade, however I used chalcedony which was used during this time)

Amethyst Melon Beads and Gold Necklace

The original, dated to the 1st – 2nd century CE, was a graduated amethyst melon bead and gold spacer Roman necklace. Note that the original spacers were wider. Gold filled were used in their place and graduated amethyst melon beads can be found but are exorbitantly expensive.

Pearl Loop Earrings

Based on a pearl and gold Roman earring dated to be between the 1st – 3rd century CE.

Some, as you may have noticed, do not have a picture of the original. Some of the original pieces went through auction houses (as the shiny jewelry tends to) and to use the images would require a license which is far outside my budget. There are no exceptions made. Some pictures, when clicked, will bring you to the original source.

SCA Themed Roman Jewelry

Roman Inspired Laurel Necklace

Based on a 1st century CE – 1st century CE
Amethyst and gold Roman necklace.

Late Period Italian-ish Inspired Cygnus Necklace

The Award of the Cygnus is the A0A level service award.

Cornelian & Gold Northshield Necklace

This shape (polygonal) of Cornelian is seen is several examples (here, here, here[?], and here) from jewelry in the early part of the Empire.

Jewelry From Other Time Periods

Sumerian Cornelian & Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Based on a necklace from the burial at Ur.

Late Period Italian Inspired Coral and Pearl Necklace

Inspired by painting from the time.