Here’s your Roman makeup hack of the day, which I will eventually do a class on.

If you want to get this yellow eyeshadow and you’re having trouble locating yellow ochre (cosmetic grade) or don’t want to pay for saffron, I have a little trick for you.

First, I’d like to mention that I get my pigments from Sally Pointer and I highly recommend them. They’re affordable, but not always in stock and international shipping during a pandemic can be a pain. FYI, they also have a white lead substitute foundation (lighten the skin, don’t make it white) that I use and I’m quite fond of. To get the White Lead Substitute (16g Jar) and Cosmetic Grade Pigments/Ochre (6g) in Red, Yellow, brown, and black your total including shipping and handling to the US would be a little over $36.

Where was I? Oh yes, a substitute for yellow ochre. 

The eyeshadow pallet I’m using is 18 Hit Wonder from e.l.f. ($14 max). I like e.l.f. because they are paraben free (aaaand guess what I’m allergic to).

The picture below shows you the two different shades that you’ll be mixing together: Solar and Summer.

Below shows you the difference between the e.l.f. mix and the yellow ochre. They’re pretty much identical.

So, There ya go, another option.