Adorned Like A Roman
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Jewelry can bring up an outfit several notches. From day to court with earrings and a few necklaces. You can purchase decent reproductions or you can make a few yourself with little to no skill.

A note on inexpensive reproductions:
If you have metal allergies, inexpensive jewelry tends to contain nickel.
It will not last as long.
Often it is gold plated which will wear off in no time at all. 
If you want nice stuff, save up your money and buy one piece at a time. 


Pearl Drop Earrings were very popular, there are single drops and multi-drop.

To make a simple single drop pearl earring you’ll need:
Head Pins
Round Pliers
French hooks


One of the great cheats to getting Roman jewelry is with rosary chain. Many examples exist from the Roman age that are beads (glass, gems, pearls) connected by links of chain. Square or Box Beads can mimic the natural shape of emeralds (substitutions: green beryl, jade, chalcedony. 

Supplies needed: hook and eye, round nose pliers, open jump rings
Types: gold links with cornelian, chalcedony, pearls, green stones, glass
They shaped but did not facet their gems, you will find plenty of rosary gems that are faceted (so what).

Note: All emeralds are beryl, not all beryl qualifies as an emerald, thus you’ll see “emerald beryl” or “beryl emerald” which 99% of the time, is not actually emerald.

Adorned Like A Roman

Multiple necklaces were often worn at the same times. The majority tended to be chokers. 
This may not be feasible due to personal taste and comfort level and that is okay. 

One pair is really all you need. A pearl drop down is a nice option.

Wear several (Reproductions can be expensive)

A few round gold (plated, filled, colored) bangles.
Reproductions, as stated above, can get expensive.

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