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Dressing the Roman Persona

More will be added soon.

Gold Covered Rosettes?

I saw something that gave me a new idea about the rosettes on the gap-sleeved tunic (Tunica mulbris). I’m sure someone else has come up with this theory but it was new to me. I was very excited when I stumbled across the image below. 

The Roman Look Part I: Roman Clothing

This is the first part of a three part series on how to get the Roman (woman’s) look (pardon the cis language). Part I focuses on basic female Roman garb (the gap-sleeved tunica – one of the simplest pieces to make). Part II looks at how to up your style through the use of cosmetics and simple hair styles (with a focus on inexpensive and modern alternatives). Part three will focus on accessories, which are a game changer.

The essence of this three part series is to provide multiple ways to get the Roman look by using what is available, feasible, and accessible. This is an offshoot of “Quick, Cheap, & Easy Roman.”

Gap-sleeved Tunica Rosettes: Tutorial

How I make rosettes for a Roman gap-sleeved tunica.

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