Making A Simple Smokkr  (Norse Apron Dress) – A Hedeby Reinterpretation

Class Description:
I will be demonstrating THL Emer ingen ui Aidan’s interpretation, based on their research, of a smokkr (Norse apron dress) based on the Haithabu/Hedeby find. This interpretation has: one cut, three seams, gores built in, and a few inches of scrap left over. It is remarkably easy and fabric efficient. If you’d like to make, or get started on, a pattern for one (or make one) please bring 2 yards of fabric (a twin bed sheet works also), a scissors (preferably a fabric scissors to make your life easier), measuring tape, fabric marker, and pins. (Optional: needle and thread). No sewing experience is necessary. There is no class fee. There will be handouts and worksheets available.

Class Handout (and interpretation of THL Emer ingen ui Aidan’s instructions)

The Simple Smokkr — A Proposed Hedeby Reconstruction by THL Emer ingen ui Aidan (E. Holbert); Ealdormere Kingdom Arts & Sciences, A.S.50 (2015)

Additional Information:

Making Emer’s Smokkr (Pictures)

How I make my smokkr straps and loops.

Other Resources:

Viking Women: Aprondress by Hilde Thunem

Stitches and Seam Techniques by Jennifer Baker